Professional Website Management

by Local Technical Experts

Just having a website in today’s technologically advanced society is no longer enough.

Consumers now have a lot of expectations about a website, and failure to maintain them actually creates a negative impact on your business brand.

Business data reports show that a number of various elements related to your business website can negatively impact a consumers view of your business as a whole.

  • Slow loading time

    53% of users abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load
    52% of online users confess that page load is important to site and brand loyalty

  • Mobile / Tablet Incompatibility

    64% of users had a negative impression of a business / brand for a poor mobile experience
    30% of users will not push through with a purchase if it is not mobile responsive
    Google has made mobile responsiveness a prerequisite for search rankings

  • Poor security support

    Common modern site standards require HSTS and HTTP/2, neither of which operate without a secure security certificate and a secure site backend

  • Broken links / images

    79% of users said a website with broken elements sours their impression of the business / brand
    88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience and broken functionality is one of the highest impacts of user impression for site stability

  • Inconsistent support for modern UX

    A staggering 71% of users said they would look to an entirely new brand / business for failure to meet modern accessibility UX features
    Search engines are ranking websites based on modern UX trends and penalize sites that don't adhere to basic user experience standards

Data Analysis & Metrics from Business Data Reports

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What We Do For Abilene Businesses


Website evaluation and analysis checking against the common negative impacts certain websites fall into. Based on the data from testing and consumer reports we evaluate where your website fails to meet common demanded standards.


We maintain monitoring over your site to make sure we can track downtime that happens as well as when security or system updates are necessary. Keeping your structure current is a sure-fire prevention measure against security threats.


We retain remote back-ups of your installation so we have a secured and updated version saved to restore from in the case of emergencies. These backups can also be made available to you so that you maintain a copy as well.


Using secured, cloud-based VPS hosting operations you get dedicated resources serving your website. The servers are maintained with updated security software in addition to the latest caching and dynamic speed applications.


With priority support we help assist you with various system needs. Questions about a possible feature you're interested in? Feel free to ask us about ideas you have or want to make about your website.


We offer full-service system maintenance and monitoring as well as basic security maintenance plans. Depending on your needs you can scale up or down.

What's been said about us...

"Fantastic! It's always wonderful when you have one less thing to worry about."
Phillip Buck
Founder & CEO
"We work with a lot of clients on the marketing side of things and websites are a big part of a company image. We can't maintain all of them, so this has been a great resource for us."
"Your attention to detail has always impressed me. You gave consideration to certain things I never bothered to even think of."
Ron Helton
"The longer you run your website the easier it is to think you know things that you really don't. After trying to deal with our site getting hacked, I knew we needed to shift gears."
David Richardson
Technology Officer

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